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Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie


It's time to make keeping in touch fun and personal! Use Marco Polo to communicate with people who matter the most. Marco Polo is a video walkie talkie with memory. Your friend can start chatting with you right away or they can reply later when they have time.You can also look and feel awesome with doodles, make your friends laugh with doodles or funny voices. Marco Polo is the perfect way to communicate!
HOW IT WORKS1. Tap on your friend's name2. Start chatting3. Your friend can respond right away, or wait until it’s convenient
FEATURES** Feel close to those you love- no matter the distance** Trust that your communication is private** Talk all you want- no limits** Watch all you want- chats don’t disappear** Look and feel awesome** Easy to use and easy on your data plan
KEEP IN TOUCH ON THE GO** Sing happy birthday to your friend through the movie star filter** Say “good night” to your bf with the night vision filter** Send your friends vids of your awesome vacation ** “Stretch out” a conversation if you’re busy or use it like a walkie-talkie for non-stop fun** Stay connected wherever you are: in the subway, waiting in line, at a concert…** Have a group conversation with your besties so everyone is kept in the loop
Bye-bye phone tag and awkward voicemails...and hello Marco Polo!